Drain and Toilet Clogs

If you notice that a drain slows or if it stops draining completely, submit a Fix It! request by choosing Report a Problem at the top of this page, and then clicking on the Plumbing tile.

Do not use drain cleaners if you are experiencing a clog or slow drain. If you already have, please indicate that in your Fix It! request so that our technicians can respond appropriately.

Graduate/Family Housing & Bear Creek Apartments

  • In the kitchen, the most common drain clogs are caused by grease buildup in the sink. To prevent these clogs, please save grease in a plastic or glass container until it cools and dispose of it in the garbage.
    • Never pour hot grease down the drain. Although the hot grease is liquid, it quickly solidifies in the pipes. This grease build ups over time and can trap other debris.
  • Toilets clogs can occur when products other than waste and toilet paper are flushed down the toilet. Please dispose of all other waste by placing it in the garbage. This includes dental floss, wipes, cotton swabs, and feminine care products.
  • Shower drains also clog from hair that sheds in the shower or bath. To prevent this from causing a clog, you can purchase an inexpensive hair strainer for the drain to catch loose hairs before they get into the pipes.

Residence Halls

  • In sinks, clogs are usually caused by putting food solids down the drain. Please put solids in the garbage and save the drains for your liquid waste.


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