Air Conditioning in Residence Halls and Graduate & Family Housing

Residence Halls

Most residence halls on campus do not have air conditioning. However, where air conditioning is available, residents have the ability to control the temperature of their room within university-determined limits.

The University strives to provide cooling temperatures down to 73˚. Cooling is generally offered from April to September but can vary slightly due to the unpredictability of Colorado’s weather.

Residence halls that offer air conditioning are listed below:

  • Andrews*
  • Arnett*
  • Baker*
  • Bear Creek Building A (Weber Hall) & Bear Creek Building B
  • Buckingham*
  • Darley North and South
  • Kittredge Central*
  • Kittredge West*
  • Smith*
  • Stearns East and West
  • Williams Village East
  • Williams Village North*

*Buildings with asterisks (*) have window switches that will not allow air conditioning to operate when the windows are open. Please close your windows to allow the air conditioning to run. 

If you plan to be away from the room for an extended period, please raise the temperature set point on your thermostat so that the empty room is not being air-conditioned. This helps to conserve energy while you are away.

Graduate & Family Housing

Air conditioning is provided in Athens North and is operated by a thermostat in the apartment.

All other apartments do not have air conditioning provided.


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